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Raon Kitchen

Kimchi, Radish

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It is made with diced radish without napa cabbage. Next to Napa cabbage kimchi, radish Kimchi (kkakdugi, 깍두기) is popular in Korea for its crunchy texture. We also have a fan base for this specific kind of kimchi! It is medium spicy.  

Crunchy. Fun. Different presentation

Net Volume: 700 ml

IngredientsRadish, Garlic, Chili Pepper Powder (Gochugaru), Chive, Ginger, Pear, Apple, Sweet Rice, Onion, Organic Sea Salt, Kelp

All Natural | Vegan | Wheat-Free | No Sugar | No MSG | No Preservative | Unpasteurized | Probiotics | Authentic | Keto-friendly | From Scratch 

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When Is The Cut-Off Time? 

 Please order by 10 AM every Tuesday.

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 When And Where Do I Pick Up My Order?

 You can pick up your order 9 am - 1 pm, Tuesday - Friday at our location at 6-65 Bentley Avenue. 

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 What Is The Charge For The Delivery Service? 

 There is a $5 delivery charge. And it will be waived if the order total is more than $50.