Catering, Bibimbap, Per serving, 25-50 servings


Well balanced mix of rice, veggies and three choices of toppings.  Bibimbap is the main menu at our food truck located at Bank St and Albert St, and it is absolutely popular. 

Bibimbap Ingredients:

rice, black rice, spinach, carrot, black mushroom, egg (thinly sliced omelette), green cabbage

Four choices of toppings:

1) beef (bulgogi): sweet, mild, soy sauce  2) chicken: spicy, gochujang sauce  3) tofu: sweet, mild, tamari sauce, vegan/gluten free option 4) pork: spicy, gochujang sauce


Kimchi sidedish and sauces (soy sauce, chili sauce, sesame seeds, sesame oil) come with it.

16 oz bowls, napkin/cutlery and self-serve set-up are included.


Required setting:

Two tables, Electricity outlet for a food warmer preferred.


Per serving price varies according to the total number of servings.

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